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Moving Home

If you’re moving home and have household items that need to be stored for any amount of time, we offer a dry and safe containerised storage solutions.

Vehicle Storage

Cars, bikes and even boats are catered for at Cornwall Storage, protecting your pride and joy from theft damage and the elements. Limited spaces available.

Business Storage

Local businesses looking to store stock, equipment or paperwork are welcome here at Cornwall Storage! We offer cost-effective secure storage solutions.


Cornwall Storage offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for storing a variety of items, including personal belongings, household furniture, business stock (ideal for online retailers), business archives, tools, equipment, and student belongings during holidays.

You have exclusive access to add or remove items as needed. Storage units are typically rented on a weekly-basis, and you can retain yours for as long as necessary.

Your storage pod is securely housed within a warehouse, with 24-hour CCTV in place. You can access your belongings by appointment, or request to have them delivered by our professional moving team.


Wooden Pods

250 cubic feet of space

£ 15 per week (inc VAT)

Our wooden storage pods offer a great amount of space to store just about anything. Furniture and appliances, file boxes, stock, you name it.


Up to 16.5 feet in length

£ 23 per week (inc VAT)

Classic cars, imports and other specialist cars, we can take them all. We understand that as an enthusiast or a collector you want your cars dry-stored and safe from the elements.


Up to 2.6 feet in width

£ 15 per week (inc VAT)

Motorbike enthusiasts - fear not. We are not leaving you out. Your prized possession on two wheels can be stored safely on a dry concrete floor, away from any opportunist thieves.


Up to 30 feet in length

£ 35 per week (inc VAT)

We may have a limited amount of space available for small-medium boats, but this will depend entirely on availability of space.


Accessing your stored items is designed to be hassle-free and convenient for you. Our storage warehouse is accessible on weekdays, and we'll notify you whenever our friendly staff is on-site. During these hours, feel free to drop by at your convenience – no appointment necessary.

For added flexibility, we also offer appointments outside regular hours. We strive to coordinate these appointments efficiently, ensuring you have easy access to your belongings. If you prefer the ultimate convenience, take advantage of our delivery service. We'll bring your items directly to your doorstep, providing a seamless and stress-free experience tailored to your needs. Your satisfaction and convenience are our top priorities.

Please refer to our Full Terms for a full list of excluded items. In general, it's the usual items, weapons, anything illegal and/or hazardous, live animals, etc.

If you are planning to take your belongings out of storage, just give us one week's notice and we will arrange for your direct debit to be cancelled. You'll need to make an appointment with us to come and collect your belongings, or ask for a quote to use our delivery service.

Yes! Absolutely. Please Contact Us for a quote, and our professional moving team would be more than happy to assist. We can also move your belongings into storage for you, of course.

In some cases, yes we may be able to offer small discounts. Generally, we feel that our prices are already some of the most cost-effective available locally. If we do consider offering you a discount, we may ask for a few months payment upfront in order to come to an agreement on this. We will always try to work with you to come to a mutually-beneficially arrangement. Try us!

Yes, that would not be a problem at all. Just let us know when they would like to deliver your items and we will endeavour to offer a suitable appointment.

Generally, our offering is for storage purposes only. Within reason, we may allow small and non-messy work to be completed. In order for this to take place, we would need to have a member of staff on site for the duration, meaning that we may have to charge for this service. If we do allow it, you will also need to use floor coverings and sweep/tidy up any mess afterwards.

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